Likely Michelle Dockery's tweets

In the absence of Michelle on twitter, we decided to make up what would likely be the things she'd tweet about. it's not weird, shush.

Anonymous asked: I know this is supposed to be a bit of a laugh, and I don't want to shit on the parade, but some of these tweets can get completely taken out of context and become misleading. I appreciate you're just having fun but evidently people are getting confused (900 notes!) and taking them literally. I'm not saying you should stop, but perhaps make it clearer that they aren't Michelle?

We tag all of our posts with “fake tweets”, most of the posts far exceed twitter’s 140 character limit (thanks photoshop and further proof it’s fake), none of these posts have seen the light of day on twitter,  and we’ve even posted a disclaimer, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to do another one.  Also, all anyone has to do is click the source (at the bottom) that stays with every single reblog, and they will be taken directly to blog’s site and heading that clearly states it’s fake.  

I think it would take away from a bit of the funny if we had to put something in the tweet/photo indicating that it was fake. I mean we could write ”#LOLFake” but even then people may not get it. So after that, what’s the point?  We are open to suggestions though!